Camui M.S. Gackt
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Gackt's live


On this page I'll describe my star's life and career: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.

Gackt was born on July 4th in Okinawa, Japan. The year of his birth in unknown yet it must be around 1973. He says he would be born in 1540 somewhere near norway. His real name is Kamui Gakuto. Nevertheless he claims his real name would be Camui M.S. Gackt. (There is no 'C' in Japanese.)
Very early, in the age of three, he startet to play the piano. He was forced to by his parents and claims that he himself had never enjoyed it. His parents were very strict only allowing their children to see educational tv and to listen to classic music. Until today he says that remembering the strict education he got he gets angry and even feels like he could kill his parents. Everything in his life was "regulated and instructed".
In the age of six Gackt nearly drowned in the ocean but was saved. Since than he hears voices of higher spirits and they even sometimes took over his body, he says. One day, when his parents were visited by friends he felt like the spirit of some woman moved into his body. She cried and said help me and made him go downstairs to where his parents and their friends were. But they only laughed at him. This hurt him very much. When his strange behaviour for which he gained no understanding increased he was send to psychiatry. Twice he had to spend some time there, once when he was a little child and again when he was about fifteen years old.
When he was about seventeen years old his mother once told him, she would regret to have him learned the piano although he never did it voluntarily. He was very hurt by this. In this time he started to change his taste for music. When being younger he didnエt even know about the existence of popular rock'n'roll. He only knew classic music and so he as child had imagined to once becoming an orchestra conductor. Yet when more and more getting to know rock'n'roll he chose a different type of 'career'. He became drummer in a band he founded with other pupils from his school. It was names "Cain's Feel". Drums and Piano are only some of all the instruments he learned. He also started to play brass instruments but as he feared they could ruin his teeth he stopped. Now he plays the instruments piano, drums, trumpet, gitar, trombone, tuba, and horn. He always trained playing instruments in general very hard as he admits about himself: I couldn't stand it if the others could do something I couldn't. When I saw the instructor play a difficult song very easily, I felt ashamed of myself and eager to achieve learning that song."
Actually when being the drummer of "Cain's Feel" Gackt was only ment to be a help member. But when the vocalist left the band he replaced him. With this band he started to play on stage.
However, he didnエt stay the vocalist of "Cain's Feel" very long but became vocalist of "Malice Mizer", who by this time had already gained a lot of fame. Please donエt ask me how and why this happened. All I know is that Tetsu, the former vocalist of "Malice Mizer" left the band. I couldnエt yet find any information how and why Gackt was chosen. I you know, please tell me!!
With Gackt as their vocalist who has a much wider capacity for singing than Tetsu had "Malice Mizer" became more and more popular and reached the top of their fame. It was about 1994 when Gackt had joined "Malice Mizer". Yet in 1999 Gackt left "Malice Mizer" starting a solo career because of some differences with the other members. Nevertheless he claims he would always love them in a special way. It doesnエt seem like these differences caused them to be no friends anymore. In 2000 "Malice Mizer" found a new vocalist in Klaha.
In the beginning of his solo career it seemed like his manager was going to make out of Gackt of kind of "Malice Mizer" for one person. Gackt himself worked so hard to please his fans and to achieve what he dreamed of that he finally had to stay in hospital for a very long time. He also once disappeared without leaving a trace of himself. But when he returned he was ready to go on in order to fulfill his dreams. His solo career and the band supporting is called "GacktJOB". He got a new manager and finally in 1999 released his first single "Mizerable". Seeing the great support his fans were giving him he started to call them "dears". Nowadays his discography has grown a lot. Today he is one of the most famous japanese artist.
In spring 2003 the first movie starring him was released. It is called "Moonchild". Gackt was also "stars" in the PlayStation 2 Game Bujingai

His details

Real Name .... Camui M.S. Gackt
Artists Name: Camui Gackt
Nickname: Gackuto, Gach-chan (that's what Hyde always says ^^"), Ga-chan
Sex: male ...who thinks not? come here...grrr....
Born .... 4. July 1973
Place of Birth .... Okinawa
He lives in ... Kyoto
Height ... 1.80m tall
Weight ... 60kg ....but if he's on tour, he fast loses weight...)
Blood group .... A
Chest measurement ... 98 cm
Hip measurement ... 88 cm
Size of Shoe .... 42 or 43
Family .... His vather is trumpeter, his mother a woman hairdresser. He gots an elder sister an an younger brother.
Pets .... Maine Coon (Cat); Nickname -> Mai-chan , Belle Constantine Chappy (saussage dog); Nickname -> Belle
Hated Animals... scrapers
Instruments... Guitar, piano, drumms, 'zimbel' (don't know the english name), organ, horn and trumpet
Hobbys... music, france, dating, car driving, play billard, martial art, ski, watching dvd's, streching and shadow boxing.
Languages... japanese, mandarin, french, english... He learns korean and cantonese
Habits... smoke (Marlboro), see dead people, punch sleeping persons
... Places... Lyon (France), Pon-Pon Hill (Kyoto), Pier Yokohama
.... Music ... the sabres dance, "stairway to heaven" from Led Zeppelin, Alanis Morisette, "Beauty and Harmony" from Yoshida Miwa, Crystal King, Metallica, Sarah Brightman, B'z Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, John Travolta, Brat Pitt, Nicholas Cage, Brigitte Fonda
...Movie ... Braveheart, Primal Fear, The Game, City of Angels, Soldier, Scent of a Woman, You've Got Mail, Liar Liar!
... Food ... Bananas, spaghetti, kimchi, egg salad...for breakfast he eat's 40 different things!, Aiyu, Yuzupon
....Drink ... Vodka, Volvic, Tea, Wine
...thing ... skeletons and parfumed candles
...color ... black and whit
...manga... Banana fish, gundam wing (anime), monster, studio gibli animes (Lupin)
... fragrance ... chanel egoiste platinium