Camui M.S. Gackt
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About my beloved members from Gakuto-san's band ^-^

My dears ^-^

You . . . . . . Violine, Gitarre



Name: You Kurosaki
Nickname: You-ni-san, Budou-no-Kimi, Denchu, Roboter (because he moves like a roboter on stage)
Birthday: Feb, 10th 19??
Home: Kyoto
Blood type: A
Height: 1,85 m
Weight: 60 kg
Hobbys: drive a motorbike, cook, martial art
Smoker: Yeah, Marlboro
Guitar: Caprison Horus, Mercury
Fragrance: Jean Paul Gaultier
  • 19XX Cain:Feel
  • 1999 Gackt JOB
  • First meeting: When Gackt and You met the first time, they didn't like another and they even punch another. After the fight Gackt recognized that You is the guitarist he was searching for. ^---^ (nice story, eh?)
    Since then they were best friends an You even dumped his girlfriend at christmas, because Gackt felt bad.
    You's message to Gackt: "When you are down and you think, that you lost everything, than I'll be there"

    What the others say about him:

    - Gackt: half-monkey, half-horse, "the one who never ever listens, when I've got something to say!" ^---^"

    -Ren: Roboter

    -Masa: Roboter

    -Toshi: Roboter

    Chachamaru . . . . . . Gitarre, Sound und Technik Producer

    Name: Yukihiro Fujimura
    Nickname: Chacha (Yeah, chacha, show them who's the best guitarist! XP)
    Birthday: March, 3rd 1960 (o_O why are they all that old... chacha is 45 now o_O.. I don't believe that ><)

    Home: Kyoto
    Bloodtype: B
    Height: 1,70 m
    Weight: 48 kg
    Hobbys: shopping and cardriving ^-^
    Guitar: Caprison Horus (Wohooooo XP)

  • 1984 Gerard
  • 1987 Vienna
  • 1990 Ded Chaplin
  • 1999 Gackt JOB
    What the others say about him:

    -Gackt: grasshopper XP

    -You: elegant and very talented

    -Masa: onii-san (elder brother ^---^)

    -Ren: best friend

    -Toshi: elegant

  • Ju-ken . . . . . . Bass
    Name: Ju-ken
    Birthday: June, 27th 1971
    Home: Chiba
    Bloodtype: B
    Height: 1,83 m
    Weight: 77 kg
  • 1999-2001 food
  • 2003-2004 GRAVE
  • 2004 Gackt JOB
  • Ryu . . . . . . Drums
    Name: Ryuichi Nishida
    Birthday: 28. Februar 1964
    Bloodtype: ?
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Hobbys: ?
  • Chacha and Ryu were together in the band VIENNA (1987-1989)
  • After that Ryu works as a "free" musician, but he follows Chacha to Gackt JOB (at the workings to Rebirth)
  • Ryu plays drumms since he was 14

    Igao . . . . . . Keyboard

    Name: Jun-ichi Igarashi
    Birthday:  April, 27th
    Bloodtype: B
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Hobbys: go eating (yeah, he just looks like that. but somehow he looks kawaii ^---^)

                     already gone =(             

    Ren . . . . . . Bass, Cello, "nyan, nyan" from U+K
    Name: Ren Aoba ^-^
    Birthday: April, 12th 19?? (*cries* I want to know how old my darling Ren is =(...)
    Home: Kyoto (I want to go there =/)
    Bloodtype: 0 (O_O! like mine! Ren! We are meant to be together xD)
    Height: 1,65 m (like me xDDDD)
    Weight: 50 kg (unlike me -.-" my weight is....ehm...55kg I think o_O)
    Hobbys: drawing, reading mangas ^--^
    Smoker: Yep ^^", Phillip Morris
    Bass Gituar: Warwick Streamer Jazzman 4-String
  • 19XX Cains:Feel
  • 1999 Gackt JOB
  • 2001 Lin Clover
    What the others say about him:

    -Gackt: grasshopper

    -You: kawaii, energic, small and blameless ....

    -Masa: pervert ...hehe

    -Chacha: raunchy thoughts

    -Toshi: pervert...  (when Ren's that pervert...then we really are meant to be together xD)

    Masa . . . . . . Gitarre

    Name: Masa Shinozaki
    Birthday: September 30th 19??
    Bloodtype: A or 0
    Height: 1,77 m
    Weight: 60 kg
    Hobbys: drink and cardriving.... (a drunken masa's driving a car oO...brr..)

    Smoker: No! (good boy.. XD)
    Bass Gituar: Black Fender Stratocaster / Gibson Les Paul in Light Sunburst

  • 1999 Gackt JOB
  • 2002 Spiky
    First meeting: When Gackt and Masa first met in New York, Gackt wanted Masa to play on his Guitar. Masa said, he couldn't play and wanted Gackt to play Guitar. Impressed from Gackts talent Masa gave in to Gackt and played on his guitar.
    What the others say about him:

    -Gackt: Rocket, sexy, interessting, cares about the others... 

    -You: kawaii, sexy, very masculine

    -Ren: sexy

    -Chacha: sexy

    -Toshi: sexy

    Toshi . . . . . . Schlagzeug

    Name: Toshiyuki Sugino
    Birthday:  Feb, 21st
    Bloodtype: A
    Height: 1,73 m
    Weight: 57 kg
    Hobbys: everything that you can do in nature, searching secret placed all around the world


    My opinion ^-^

     For me GacktJOB are Ren, Chacha, You, Ryu and Masa...and Gakuto of course ^^"...I'm very sad, that Ren and Masa left the band =( I wish they would return...I miss my two kawaii dears... especially kawaii lil' Ren ^------^ Reeeen! Come back to us!

  • I love all of them ^-^