Camui M.S. Gackt


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It's fact that...
-Gackt is left-handed.
-Poor Gackt was not allowed to watch TV when he was young. How traumatizing...
-Gackt is very open about his sexuality. If you consider 'Think whatever you want, I don't care' *open*
-Gackt is often compared to looking like a lot of different people, from Squall from Final Fantasy 8, to Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshi, to some vampire from some vampire thing, to...
-Gackt is much like Mrs. Cleo in the fact he has a sixth sense. And he doesn't even NEED tarot cards XP
-He was married, and now divorced. His current status remains unknown. Maybe even to him.
-Gackt hates it when Belle licks him. *shrugs* I agree...
-The first time Gackt heard 'Stairway to Heaven', he cried. (Poor Gakuto ._. )
-Gackt has had a video game character modeled after him: the lead character in Bujingai, Lau.  (yeah, controlling gackt. I should buy this game...)
-Gackt is rumoured to live with A.)You, his guitarist B.)His sister
-Gackt often stays in his hotel room completely naked. In an Utaban-Interview he said, he would even be naked, when he opens the door for the room service. -> "It's my room! (laughs)"
-One day I'm going to get a job as Room Service in a Japanese Hotel where Gackt just *happens* to be staying and *accidently* walk in XP
-Gackt became completely infatuated with Hyde when working with him on Moon Child. If he were a woman, Hyde would be in trouble
-I've pretty much ran out of facts

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!